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Friday, 17 June 2016 00:10

Bishop Ambo David


For the Original Inspiration of the Portrayal of Christ as the Good Samaritan and Humankind as the Victim on the Roadside, seetoday's (May 26) Office of the Readings on the Feast of St Philip Neri by St Augustine (354-430AD):

"Who is this stranger and neighbor if not the one who became our neighbor out of compassion?"

"The man lying on the road, left half-dead by robbers, the man treated with contempt by the priest and the levite who passed by, the man approached by the passing Samaritan to take care of him and help him, that man is the whole human race. When the immortal one, the holy one, was far removed from us because we were mortal and sinners, he came down to us, so that he, the stranger, might become our neighbor."


Note the shared middle eye made possible by Divine Mercy: God seeing as Humankind sees, and Humankind seeing as God sees.

By: Bishop Ambo David, DD

Wacky pose with kids in the slums in the vicinity of Birhen ng Lujan Parish in Caloocan city. They don't look like they've just lost their houses to a recent fire. Eighty-four "dwellings" in a 30m. x30 m. piece of lot were razed to the ground. With me are Fr. Luis and Fr James, two religious priests presently assigned as parish priest and parish vicar, respectively, in that parish.

They took the initiative of getting the parish community (with help from some benefactors) to help rebuild the homes of these families. On this day of their parish fiesta and mothers' day, a little break consists in a basketball league game for kids.

I am pointing at the basketball goal, with the little alley as the court. Not one sad face in the photo.

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