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The three (3) major symbols of the Coat of Arms of the Diocese represent the three (3) jurisdictions that comprise the Diocese of Kalookan namely:

  • The Monument at the very center represents Kalookan City from which the name of the Diocese was derived.
  • The Fishes on the right represent the City of Malabon; and
  • The Banca on the left represents the City of Navotas.

The red color of the lower half of the insignia symbolizes not only the valor of martyrdom of our Philippine heroes with which Kalookan is noted for, but more importantly, the sanguine ardour, fortitude and love of the Diocese of Kalookan in the fulfilment of her mission.

The blue color of the upper half of the insignia denotes the Marian Character of the diocesan ministry.

The Cross on top of the insignia signifies the centrality of Jesus Christ in the life and function of the entire Diocese of Kalookan while the dove, hovering above the monument, represents the Holy Spirit sanctifying the lives of the people of God – the bishop, priests, religious men and women and the laity – in the new diocese.

The theme, the latin words: “DUC IN ALTUM” (Lk: 5:4) – “put out into the deep” – binds together all the elements of the insignia and captures the spirit and direction of the Diocese of Kalookan in the Third Christian Millennium.

The new diocese, powered by the love of Jesus and the grace of the Holy Spirit, sails forth with faith and courage accompanied by Mary to cast its net so that a bountiful harvest may be reaped for the glory of God and the salvation of the souls.

*AGOS, The Official Publication of the Diocese of Kalookan, September 2003 Special Issue, p.4.


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