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Commission on Education and Lay Formation (CELF)
Priest Minister: Fr. Ildefonso De Guzman, Jr.
Lay Coordinator: Bro. Arnold Martinez

B1. Catechetics
Director: Fr. Amado V. Gino
Diocesan Lay Coordinator: Sis. Rosalinda Maningas
Diocesan Lay Coordinator: Sis. Estrellita Mactal
Secretary: Sis. Angela A. Atanacio

Volunteer Catechists’ Formation Program
Priest Director: Fr. Ronaldo Pedroso

B2. Biblical Apostolate
Priest Minister: Fr. Silverio Mutia
Lay Coordinator: Bro. Karlo D. Lara

B3. Ecumenism and Inter-Faith Affairs
Vicar: Fr. Gaudencio G. Salise

B4. Mass Media
Vicar: Fr. Leandro M. Magnait

B5. Youth Affairs
Director: Fr. Richard C. Omol
Lay Coordinator: Bro. Richard Boloso

B6. Family and Life
Director: Fr. Mariano C. Bartolome, Jr.
Lay Coordinator: Sis. Josephine Rivera

B7. BEC Promotion
Priest Minister: Fr. Ruben Maybuena
Lay Coordinator: Sr. Elsa Compuesto, MSM

B8. Public and Political Affairs
Director: Fr. Martin L. Guarin
Lay Coordinator: Bro. Alex Rodriguez


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