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Tuesday, 14 June 2016 10:40

By: Bishop Ambo David, DD

Just a few thoughts on the move to REVIEW tax exemptions for religious institutions running schools. Well, that's their call; it's always the government's prerogative to do that--especially if they can prove that some Religious congregations and Dioceses are already running schools mainly for business & profit. This applies to all other tax-exempt entities and institutions, not just the Church, doesn't it?

We in the Church would probably not be running schools if only the government could adequately provide quality education for its citizens, especially on primary and secondary levels. The fact is, it cannot. Look how many students are cramped per classroom in public schools. Ask about the huge backlog in the construction of classrooms and the need for more teachers. Ask about the quality of teaching that overworked public school teachers can deliver if the number of students in their care per classroom is double those in private schools. The state's resources are still not enough to provide decent education to all its citizens.

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