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Established: January 11, 1976
Nadurata Street, 8th Avenue, Grace Park, Caloocan City 
Tel. No.: (02) 362 - 0182

PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Ruben J. Maybuena


IT WAS IN 1952 THAT A LOT WAS DONATED by the Ramirez family for the construction of a chapel. The project was spearheaded by a group of faithful and strong–willed Christians, some of which are Emilio Cabildo, Rosenda Climaco, Maria Dee, Letty Parial, Margarita Respicio, Alfredo Sotelo, Armando Trinidad, and Petra Villaverde. As they gathered up and shared their resources, slowly, the chapel took shape.

The community that nurtured the chapel, as a part of strengthening the spiritual ties between the members of a family and then, the members of the community, organized several Christian Movements. These groups were significant in the chapel’s becoming of a parish.

On January 11, 1976, through the help of Msgr. Pacifico Mendoza, the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was established by the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence, Jaime L. Cardinal Sin. Rev. Fr. Alfredo Ganzon was assigned by His Eminence at the parish priest.

Fr. Ganzon faced a daunting task, as he accepted the assignment. He was building the church from scratch, yet the community, with Engr. Teodorico Zamora, who led the first Parish Pastoral Council, knew that it is possible. Through a combined – team effort, several projects and programs were made available to the public in a year.

Several improvements followed through, as Rev. Fr. Manuel Balbago was assigned to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. He modernized the altar with a unique design, allowing air to circulate freely. It was also in his helm that the Chorale Angelorum was established.

Before the turn of the century, Rev. Fr. Edgar Merin mended the flaws of the parish –– from the parish grounds, to the innovations in spiritual formations, pilgrimages, reliving the traditions of the Catholic Faith, to the way that the liturgy is being carried out. It was also in Fr. Merin’s term that the parish successfully celebrated its 25th year of establishment.

The programs instituted since then were continuously done under Rev. Fr. Gaudencio Salise, who took over Fr. Merin’s post. It was in his term that the Bishop of the Diocese of Kalookan, His Excellency Deogracias S. Iñiguez changed the name of the parish from Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, into Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, to denote distinction from other parishes in the Diocese bearing the same name.

As the years move on, the parishioners of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish continue on their pilgrimage to the Promised Land, through efforts in preaching the Gospel to the people who need it most. To this day, parishioners remain steadfast in their belief in God, as they strive to be a true disciple of Christ.


The Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

THE ALLIANCE OF THE HEARTS OF JESUS AND MARY IS BASED ON THE historical, theological, and spiritual connection between the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with the outpouring love of Jesus for humanity and the torn love of Mary for Jesus and the world full of sins.

The joint devotion of the hearts was first formalized in the 17th Century by Saint Jean Eudes, who organized the scriptural, theological and liturgical sources relating to the devotions and obtained the approbation of the Church, prior to the visions of Saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque.

After the 18th Century, the devotions grew, both jointly and individually through the efforts of figures such as Saint Louis de Montfort who promoted Catholic Mariology and Saint Catherine Labouré's Miraculous Medal depicting the Heart of Jesus thorn-crowned and the Heart of Mary pierced with a sword. The devotions, and the associated prayers, continued into the 20th century, such as the Immaculata prayer of Saint Maximillian Kolbe and the reported messages of Our Lady of Fatima which stated that the Heart of Jesus wishes to be honored together with the Heart of Mary.

Several Popes such as Pope Pius XII and Pope John Paul II supported the devotion to the Hearts. It was also John Paul II who coined the term “Alliance of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary” on September 15, 1985.

June 19


Rev. Fr. Alfredo Ganzon 1976 – 1979
Rev. Fr. Manuel Balbago 1979 – 1980
Rev. Fr. Paul Balagtas 1980 – 1986
Rev. Fr. Rene Nadua 1986 – 1986
Rev. Fr. Dionisio de Pedro 1988 – 1996
Rev. Fr. Edgar Merin 1996 – 2002
Rev. Fr. Gaudencio Salise 2002 – 2016

Mr. George Calderon


Monday-Saturday    6:30 AM

Wednesday-Friday   6:30 PM

Saturday               6:30 PM (Anticipated Mass)

Sunday                 6:30 AM,8:0 0AM, 10:00AM, 5:30 PM & 6:45 PM

First Friday-Votive Mass to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to be followed by Parish Community Holy Hour  Vigil  at the altar, with the Kumpisalang Bayan.

First Saturday        6:30 AM Novena and Votive Mass in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.




Sunday 11:00 AM (Registration –Tuesday-Saturday)


Every 3rd Sunday of June (Parish Fiesta)


By personal appointment (at least one month before the date of the wedding)


By appointment ( at least two (2) day before )


(Anointing of the sick/ sacrament of healing) By appointment as early as possible.  


Every Wednesday-Friday

(before and after the 6:30AM & 6:30PM Mass (by personal appointment on the days.)


House, Office, Store, Vehicles, etc.

By appointment at least (2) day before


Category: Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace
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Established: May 1, 1989
Agudo cor. Cabatuan St., Caloocan City
CONTACT NUMBER: (02) 364 – 46- 74
PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Carlos C. Ida


THE YOUNGEST MEMBER of the Our Lady of Grace Vicariate, San Jose Parish was only erected in the year 1989, from the small chapel in the Barrio of San Jose, situated along Cabanatuan Street. The humble chapel was instituted out of a strong drive from the community in having a place to pray. Several people, some of them are Quintoy Domingo, Faustino Castaneda, Tino Rivera, Romulo Arquiza and Tomas Calasan weaved the chapel’s internal plan.

As the parishioners continued to strive for improvements, the chapel was placed under the care of Saint Pancratius’ care, and later on, Sagrada Familia’s. It was also through the parish priest of Saint Pancratius Parish, Rev. Fr. Melencio de Vera, that the chapel was blessed.

After several years, the Chapel was canonically instituted as a parish with Rev. Fr. Arsenio Nalunat as the first parish priest. Then, as Rev. Fr. Jesus Jose C. Bustillo assumed the post from Fr. Nalunat, he organized the Neo Catecumenado which strengthened the communal ties between each person in giving praise to God.

Through time, San Jose Agudo Parish has been challenged, but through the leadership of their current parish priest, Rev. Fr. Ruben Maybuena, and also through the will of the parishioners, San Jose Agudo has passed through the endeavors, and promises to do the same later on.


Saint Joseph

SAINT JOSEPH, THE MAN BETROTHED TO MARY THE MOTHER OF JESUS CHRIST, was chosen to be the human stepfather of Jesus in fulfillment of the scriptures, which says that the Messiah would come from the line of King David.

But though Joseph’s genealogy traces to King David, he had no evidences of royalty on him. He was a humble carpenter, living a simple life of principles and morals. In fact, when Joseph died, he had nothing to give Jesus but his ideals, and his title and his skills as a carpenter, or tektos in Greek, of Nazareth.

But more than his job, Joseph is well admired because of his courage and faith to the will of God. At the moment he learned about the pregnancy of Mary, he decided to silently end their engagement, which God has not intended. As the angel of God appeared to Joseph, he immediately followed its orders, taking care of Mary as she took the pains of childbearing, and afterwards loving Jesus as his real own son.

Saint Joseph is regarded as the patron saint of workers, and as the protector of the Church.

Every first Sunday of May


Rev. Fr. Arsenio Nalunat 1989
Rev. Fr. Jesus Jose C. Bustillo 1993
Rev. Fr. Virginio B. Pedregosa 1996
Rev. Fr. Genaro Diwa 1998
Rev. Fr. Nestor Estanislao 1999
Rev. Fr. Octavio Bartiana 2003
Rev. Fr Ruben Maybuena 2008 – 2016

PPC Chairperson: Dr. Jaime A. Sanchez
Secretary: Sis. Bernadeth Daran
Treasurer: Sis. Marjorie Gonzalvo
Auditor: Sis. Florian Samaniego
Finance Chairperson: Bro. Osmond Gagarin

Worship Ministry Head: Sis. Imelda Cruz Sis. Hilga Baltazar
Extraordinary Ministry of the Holy Communion: Bro. Jun Cruz
Bro. Frank Catena
Special Ministry of the Word: Sis. Girlie Gutierrez
Mother Butlers Guild: Sis. Rosario Corpuz
Ministry of Altar Servers: Bro. Rene Dice
Greeters & Collectors: Sis. Elvie Doncillo
Apostolado ng Panalangin: Sis. Emy Ulat
Music Ministry: Bro. Jhong Galang

Education Ministry Head: Bro. Arnold Martinez
Family & Life Ministry: Bro. Mark & Sis. Christine Bituin
Youth Ministry: Bro. John Rey Manansala
Public & Political Affairs: Sis. Hilga Baltazar
Padre Pio Charismatic Community: Sis. Vangie Druga
El Shaddai: Sis. Milagros Feliciano
Catechetical Ministry: Sis. Becky Daluping
Basic Ecclesial Community: Sis. Cohra Corpuz

CSSD Head: Sis. Apolonia Uy
Labor Ministry: Sis. Brenda Domingo
Migrants Ministry: Sis. Virgie Jimenez
Livelihood Ministry: Sis. Arlene Mangaser
Urban Poor: Sis. Milagros Tripulca
Knights of Columbus: Bro. Conrado Mercado
Catholic Women’s League: Sis. Elvie Doncillo


Monday 6:00 AM
Tuesday 6:00 AM
Wednesday 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 AM
Friday 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Anticipated Mass
Sunday 6:30 AM, 9:00 am English Mass, 6:00 pm Mass and 7:15 PM

Sundays 11: 00 AM

After the Mass and by Appointment

By Appointment

By Appointment

Category: Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace
Published Date Hits: 1416

Established: 1983
Banal Street, Caloocan City
Tel. No: (02) 361 - 8244

PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Ildefonso C. De Guzman, Jr.


THE MODEST BEGINNINGS OF SAGRADA FAMILIA PARISH is often attributed to the generosity of the Mandapat family, who offered out funds in for the then chapel. The donation was out of gratitude for the safe return of a relative from the World War Two.

The wooden chapel was officially initiated as a sub–parish on January 8, 1972, with different priests officiating masses. Later on, Rev. Fr. Hernane Denolo was assigned by Rev. Fr. Ernest Sylvester, OMI, of the Our Lady of Grace Parish as priest–in–charge of Sagrada Familia.

In 1983, the chapel was canonically erected as a parish, with Rev. Fr. Honorato Nadua Jr. being their first parish priest. Several priests have served the parish; some of them are Rev. Fr. Francis Siguan who stayed for a year; Rev. Fr. Alfonso Bugaoan, who for four years worked on the strengthening of the Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC); Rev. Fr. Bobby Olaguer, who focused on the Children’s Ministry and on the masses; and Rev. Frs. Emmanuel Sarez and Jun Bartolome who rejuvenated the BEC through active responses to the people’s needs which initiated the creation of seventeen small communities called Kawan and the Munting Kapitbahayang Kristiyano (MKK) within it.

The parish’s active involvement in the Vicarial and the Diocesan level was a great deal of contribution to the continuous assessment of strengths and weaknesses in terms of pastoral management techniques and in the formation of brotherhood in Christ. Sagrada Familia Parish vows to even more pursue the advancements in our move as one, pilgrim, Church.


The Holy Family

JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH ALTOGETHER FORM THE HOLY FAMILY, WHICH has become a popular standard of what a common day household should be. The veneration to the Holy Family started in the 17th Century, by Most Rev. François de Laval, a Canadian Bishop who also founded a Confraternity.

At home, it was Joseph who works hard for his family; it was Mary who takes care of her husband and her son; and it was Jesus, who is helps His parents as he becomes a man of piety and obedience. They, all in all, become the epitome of what a family, and a community as well, may be. The Holy Family is a great example of what continuous communication, thorough understanding, and sincere affection brings; a harmonious relationship within.

The Sagrada Familia Parish hopes to invoke the characteristics of each member of the Holy Family in order for all the goals and the aspirations of the parish to be achieved, through bright and unsafe times. It is also through the intercession of Mary and Joseph that we plead to their Holy son, Jesus Christ.

First Sunday after Christmas

Every 2nd Sunday of January


Rev. Fr. Honorato Nadua, Jr. 1983
Rev. Fr. Francis Siguan 1986
Rev. Fr. Alfonso Bugaoan, Jr. 1987
Rev. Fr. Roberto Olaguer 1989
Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Sarez 1990
Rev. Fr. Mariano Bartolome, Jr. 1996
Rev. Fr. Benedict John C. Cervantes 2015

Sis. Pearlita Mateo


Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6:00 AM
Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – 6:00 AM; 7:00 PM
Kawan Mass – Every first, second, and third Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of the month
Sunday Masses – 6:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM; 4:00 PM, 5:30 PM, 7:00 PM
Funeral Mass – by Appointment

Sundays – 11:00 AM (seminar before the baptism)
Ordinary Days – appointment is to be made three days before the date

By Appointment/after the Holy Mass

Every Fiesta

By Appointment (appointment is to be made one month before the date)

By Appointment (appointment is to be made three days before the date)

Category: Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace
Published Date Hits: 1598

La Loma Cemetery Compound East Side Grace Park, Caloocan City
Tel No.: (02) 3616346
Parish Priest: Rev. Fr. Ricardo D. Torrefiel
Associate Priest: Rev. Fr. Octavio T. Bartiana


Before 1962, the parish was part of Binondo until the late Cardinal Rufino Santos established within the La Loma Cemetery area a parish on October 11, 1962 with Msgr. Melencio de Vera as the pioneering pastor. Followed by Fr. Armando S. Ligon, Fr. Vicente Coronel, Fr. Arsenio Nalunat and Fr. Ardie Ong, the newly installed parish priest.

The parish has a population of 57,230 — 89% are Catholics and the rest of different religious denominations. From 1963 to date, 14 traditional lay associations were formed to assist the parish priest.

In relation to the parish Mission-Vision Statement of bringing the Church closer to people - street masses are done regularly—home visitation, block rosary and Charismatic core group are actively participated in by parishioners.
The dynamic Fr. Ardie Ong is working on a plan to expand the Formation Center and build a mortuary parlor. The Parish Pastoral Council dreams of a school for marginalized parishioners.

Belonging to Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace is like being a part of a big family it is an enviable instrument for further growth and development. The unified sharing and interactions enriched the lay members and encourage them to work harder in the apostolic vineyard of God.



Masses – 6:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM

Every Sunday


Every Feast Day

By appointment


Monday      6:00 AM San Lorenzo
Tuesday     6:00 AM San Antonio
Wednesday 6:00 AM Mother of Perpetual Help
Thursday    6:00 AM San Pancracio
               6:00 PM San Pancracio
Friday       6:00AM Sacred Heart of Jesus

Category: Vicariate of Our Lady of Grace
Published Date Hits: 3912

Established: May 5, 1946
11th Avenue (Eugene de Mazenod Street), Caloocan City
Tel. No.: (02) 364 – 4734, (02) 364 - 5905
PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Mamerto Z. Garcia Jr., OMI


OFTEN CALLED THE BLACK BELTERS OF CHRIST, the specialists in difficult missions –– the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) has been continuously faithful to its objective of preaching the gospel to the poorest of the poor, as well as uplifting human conditions. With fifty – four fruitful years of Ecclesial existence, Our Lady of Grace Parish is the oldest among the five parishes under the Vicariate of the Our Lady of Grace. The creation of the parish on May 5, 1946 on a 3, 964 sq. m donated lot on 11th Avenue marked the beginning of the OMI evangelization in the heart of Kalookan City.

The Our Lady of Grace Parish was once a small hut where religious services were held in the presence of few people. It commenced when the Archbishop of Manila, Most Rev. Michael J. O’ Doherty, granted the request of the OMI Superior in the Philippines, Rev. Fr. Gerard Mongeau, to establish a house in Grace Park. The Philippine Realty Corporation, administrators of the Grace Park Subdivision, donated the use of eight lots in Block 171 for the church. With the help of the U.S. Signal Corps, a temporary chapel was built.

The first Eucharistic Celebration was done on May 16, 1946, by Rev. Fr. Joseph F. Boyd, OMI, attended by thirty–five people. The small church was blessed on September 1946, with the Good Shepherd Convent taking care of the choir and the church decoration.

But as early as mid–1949, just three years after the inauguration of the church, the need for a bigger space was seen because the number of parishioners can no longer be accommodated. In response to this necessity, the people of Grace Park launched a fund–raising campaign. After two years, a new church was ready to be blessed by the Archbishop of Manila, Rev. Msgr. Gabriel Reyes.

The parish, a product of the Second Vatican Council (1963 – 1965), responded to the call of mounting the dignity of man, being the “People of God”, by renewing the way of Christian Life and Church Structure. Through the active leadership of the OMI Fathers and the Oblates of Notre Dame (OND) Sisters, Basic Ecclesial Communities were organized in eight specific areas of the parish, in order to aid the people regarding the political, environmental, and socio–economical issues. It is also in this period that, the Notre Dame of Greater Manila was established, a school governed by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate that aims to form people of aptitude and morals.

Today, Our Lady of Grace Parish is a clear reflection of what people living in Kalookan are like; industrious, helpful, loving, and faithful. Time may move on, but the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod and of our Mother will continue to stir through the lives of his priests and her parishioners.




CHARLES JOSEPH EUGENE DE MAZENOD WAS BORN IN AUGUST 1, 1782 ON Aix–én–Provence, France from a struggling aristocratic family. He looked to be assured of his family’s wealth, but things started to shift as the French Revolution unfolded.

Saint Eugene grew in an environment of turmoil and uncertainty; he was only eight years old when they fled France as political refugees. As they trailed through Italian cities, he lived a life that was never secured.

But as they moved through Venice, a sympathetic priest that lives adjacent to their house, Don Bartolo Zinelli, educated the young de Mazenod. Don Bartolo gave Saint Eugene a fine and fundamental education, but with the lasting sense of God.

And as they moved to several places, such as Naples, the clouds of ambiguity grew darker. It was only in Palermo, through the Duke and Duchess of Cannizzaro that the de Mazenod family experienced a noble life. Saint Eugene took the title “Count de Mazenod”, and for once, a great light opened up for his future.

But again, Saint Eugene’s family succumbed to poverty as they returned to France with their homeland appearing a lot different. His parents got separated; his mother was trying hard to obtain their lost possessions; and his sisters were out to marry men of nobility. Saint Eugene, on his part, was supposed to marry the richest possible heiress in France. The plan saddened Saint Eugene, for he was not given any freedom.

Yet it was not only his mother’s selfishness that troubled him, but the status of France. He felt extreme compassion for the destitute people, for the prisoners, and for the French Church that was attacked by the Revolution. It was in his return to his homeland that the teaching of faith in Venice began to surface.

On a certain Good Friday, Saint Eugene came to the realization that he was called to serve God. But his mother would not allow him to become a priest as the de Mazenod clan is at the point of evaporation, because he was the last male descendant. His sisters cannot carry the name for the rest of their lives, because they were to marry, thus changing their surname.

Yet Saint Eugene was determined to be a priest. Despite his mother’s opposition, he entered the seminary of Saint Sulpice in Paris. He was ordained as a priest on December 21, 1811.

Saint Eugene returned to Aix–én–Provence, where he first conducted his missions to the poor, both of faith and material. Little by little, the Missionaries of Provence grew into a world–renowned Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, which is famous for being the specialists of difficult missions. Until now, Saint Eugene’s successors are scattering the light of God through physical, economical, and religious assistances, across sixty–eight countries.

First Sunday of May


Rev. Fr. Joseph Boyd, OMI 1946 – 1948
Rev. Fr. Emile Bolduc, OMI 1948 – 1952
Rev. Fr. James Mc Sorley, OMI 1952 – 1954
Rev. Fr. Joseph Milford, OMI 1954 – 1957
Rev. Fr. Edward Gordon, OMI 1957 – 1963
Rev. Fr. Andrew Horgan, OMI 1963 – 1967
Rev. Fr. Primo Hagad, OMI 1967 – 1968
Rev. Fr. Robert Callahan, OMI 1968 – 1970
Rev. Fr. Primo Hagad, OMI 1970 – 1972
Rev. Fr. Bienvenido Leandicho, OMI 1972 – 1977
Rev. Fr. Enrique Gonzales, OMI 1977 – 1980
Rev. Fr. Ernest Sylvester, OMI 1980 – 1986
Rev. Fr. Federico Labaglay, OMI 1986 – 1992
Rev. Fr. Eleno Balboa, OMI 1992 – 1997
Rev. Fr. Jose Ante, OMI 1998 – 2001
Rev. Fr. Romeo Marcelino, OMI 2001 – 2004
Rev. Fr. Ruben Ma. Gomez, OMI 2004 – 2006
Rev. Fr. Eleno Balboa, OMI 2006 –
Rev. Fr. Rogelio Caalim, OMI
Rev. Fr. Alberto Cahilig, OMI

Bro. John Fortes


Monday to Saturday – 5:30 AM, 6:45 AM; 6:00 PM
Sundays – 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 7:15 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:45 AM 3:45 PM, 5:00 PM, 6:15 PM, 7:30 AM

Saturdays – 10: 30 AM (Registration); 11: 00 AM (Seminar and Baptism)
Sundays – First Batch: 10: 30 AM (Registration); 11: 00 AM (Baptism)
Second Batch: 12: 00 AM (Registration); 12: 30 PM (Baptism)

Once a year (Fiesta)

Monday to Saturday (except Wednesdays) – 9:30 AM; 2:30 PM, 4:00 PM
Wednesdays – 9:30 AM; 2:30 PM

Every Wednesday
4: 30 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (with Benediction)
5: 30 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (w/o Benediction)
6: 45 PM – novena to Mother of Perpetual Help (with Benediction)



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