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Published Date Hits: 1583

Established: July 1, 1989
64 Sanciangco Street, Tonsuya, Malabon City
PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Benedict John C. Cervantes


SAN ANTONIO DE PADUA PARISH is a fruit of the generosity of Doña Geronima Gabriel, who is a devout Catholic and a friend of the Spanish friars. She distributed her wealth for charity, propagation, and growth of the church.

In 1896, a part of the estate of Impong Memang, as they fondly call Doña Geronima, was developed for the San Antonio de Padua Chapel. When Impong Memang died in 1904, Pedro San Pedro, along with her daughter, Juana San Pedro, took over as caretaker of the chapel until it became a sub–Pastoral Council for San Bartolome.

On June 13, 1986, the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin visited the San Antonio de Padua Chapel. As he celebrated his first mass at the chapel, he remarked that “the church was too big for a chapel.”

Since then, several moves have been made to work out for the transformation of the chapel into a full–pledged parish. Talks with Rev. Msgr. Severino Casas were made in order to determine the feasibility of the proposal. After which, a consultation meeting was held to hear the reactions of the concerned parties. The said meeting was attended by Rev. Fr. Tony Villanueva, Juana de Ocampo, Alfonso and Virginia Gozon, Benjamin Josue, Lito Villajueva, Pacing de Dios, Arsenio Santos and Ising Gonzales.

On July 1, 1989, Cardinal Sin issued a Decree, which establishes San Antonio de Padua as parish, with Rev. Fr. Enrique Y. Santos as its first pastor. As the new parish was erected, several people jokingly named it as the “floating church” because of the reality that it is often submerged in water. Realizing the predicament of the parishioners, especially in rainy seasons, Fr. Santos elevated the base structure of the church. He also planned the creation of a rectory and a convent. It was also under his administration that the boundaries of the church were placed and confirmed.

Rev. Fr. Joselino Tuazon served as the second parish priest for San Antonio de Padua parish. He led the creation of the Perpetual Adoration. He was succeeded by Rev. Fr. Joselito Jopson, who stayed for two years, left the parish for pursuing a Master’s degree in America. He was followed by Rev. Fr. Danilo Canceran, then Rev. Fr. Raul Salgado, and Rev. Fr. Martin Gaurin.


San Antonio de Padua

SAN ANTONIO OR SAINT ANTHONY WAS BORN IN LISBON, PORTUGAL, AS Fernando de Bovillon on August 15, 1195. He was a Christian religious leader, an aspect that made him popular in his time. Several miracles have been attributed to Anthony, both during and after his lifetime.

Fernando joined the Franciscan Order taking the name Anthony. He traveled to Morocco to convert the Muslims into Catholics. However, an illness forced him to return unto Europe. Saint Anthony’s ship settled in Sicily, Italy, where he lived a solitary life for a short time.

After living in Italy, Saint Anthony begun to preach to the people of Florence and Padua. He amazed his listeners with his eloquence and his knowledge of the scriptures. He showed deep concern for the common townsfolk who regarded the preacher as their protector as well.

Saint Anthony died on June 13, 1231. Although he died, his influence remained as the shrine erected in his honor continues to drive a lot of people into God.

His feast day is commemorated at the same day.

June 13 – San Antonio de Padua Parish
2nd Sunday of May - Banal na Krus Chapel
May 1 – Nuestro Señor de Longos
February 25 – Paradise Village Chapel - Letre


Rev. Fr. Enrique Y. Santos August 1989 – January 1993
Rev. Fr. Joselito B. Tuazon January 1993 – February 1995
Rev. Fr. Joselito I. Jopson February 1995 – August 1996
Rev. Fr. Danilo A. Canceran August 1996 – April 2001
Rev. Fr. Raul O. Salgado April 2001 – February 2003
Rev. Fr. Martin L. Guarin February 2003 – 2016

Rev. Fr. Ofero Stephen Balana – Associate Priest

Ms. Rexie Aquino


Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays – 6:30 PM
Tuesdays – 6:15 AM; 6:30 PM
Saturdays – 6:00 PM
Sundays – 6:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM; 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM
Funeral Mass – by Appointment

Every Sundays at 11: 00 AM
(Seminars on Baptism given every Saturday at 8: 00 AM)

Before or after the mass/ by Appointment

By Schedule

By Appointment



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