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Established: June 21, 1982
Phase 1–C, Dagat – dagatan, Kaunlaran Village, Navotas City
PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Allan V. Lopez, OP


SINCE THE RELOCATION of people from the slums of Tondo, and the different parts of Manila and Rizal, to Navotas, the people of Dagat-dagatan had long desired to have a parish of their own. As a result, the people of Dagat–dagatan, North Bay Boulevard, and of Bangkulasi sent a request to the Archbishop of Manila.

On October 5, 1981, Rev. Fr. Edgardo Merin was installed as parish priest of Dagat–dagatan. As the people learned of this appointment, they requested for a dialogue with Fr. Merin. After which, the Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies on the North Bay Boulevard was assigned to be the temporary chapel.

A year after, the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin canonically erected the Parish of Blessed Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions. In September of the same year, General Gaudencio Tobias donated the vacant lot fronting the Dagat–dagatan plaza, as the site of a new church and rectory. The cornerstone of the church was laid on September 21, 1993.


San Lorenzo Ruiz

San Lorenzo Ruiz was born to a Chinese father and a Filipino mother, both of whom are Catholics. He, as a young boy, learned the way of speaking Chinese and Tagalog from his parents, and Spanish, from the Dominican Friars, whom he served for as a sacristan. He became a professional calligrapher later on, in order to earn a living for his wife and children (2 sons, 1 daughter). He was active in regards to Church programs, as he was a member of the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary.

As he continued to be involved with the Dominicans in Binondo, he was blamed of murdering a Spaniard. This accusation forced him to seek asylum; he half–heartedly left the country with three Dominican priests, namely Blessed Antonio Gonzales; Blessed Guillermo Courtet; and Blessed Miguel de Aozarara; a Japanese priest, Blessed Vicente Shimozuka de la Cruz; and a layman, Blessed Lazaro of Kyoto, Japan.

The group headed for Japan, a country that does not tolerate Christianity back then, to provide catechism for the Japanese townsfolk in Okinawa. But soon after they set their feet in Japan, they were abducted, taken to Nagasaki where they were inhumanely tortured.

In the face of suffering, San Lorenzo was given a chance to live in exchange for his renouncement of faith. He was tempted to accept the bargain, but afterwards, he remained firm, to the point of saying “if I have a thousand lives, I’ll lay them to God”. This arrogance infuriated the Japanese abductors, prompting them to kill San Lorenzo slowly and brutally.

San Lorenzo Ruiz is a great reminder of how man should live his everyday life. Man should live his given life dedicated to the one who gave it.

He was beatified and canonized by Pope John Paul II. San Lorenzo Ruiz is the first Filipino saint.


September 12


Rev. Fr. Edgardo B. Merin June 21, 1982 – May 31, 1985
Rev. Fr. Reynaldo J. Adalid June 1, 1985 – March 31, 1995
Rev. Fr. Roger O. Estorque, OP April 1, 1995 – April 19, 2001
Rev. Fr. Allan V. Lopez April 20, 2001 – present

Rev. Fr. Tereso Campillo, OP
Rev. Fr. Patrick Hiwatig, OP
Rev. Fr. Delfo C. Canceran, OP

Mr. Pedro Ang


Daily Masses (Monday to Saturday) – two masses
First Friday of the Month – three masses
De los Remedios Masses –Wednesdays at 6: 00 PM and Fridays at 7: 00 PM
Healing Masses – every Friday at 6: 00 AM and 6: 00 PM
Sunday Masses – nine masses
Street Masses/ Area Masses – every Tuesday and Thursday
Company Masses – every first Friday or by appointment
Funeral Masses/ Blessings – by appointment

Every Sunday at 11: 00 AM or by appointment

After the Friday Mass (First Friday Confession is at 8: 00 PM)

By appointment or Mass Wedding (second Saturday of February or Saturday before the Fiesta Day)

Telephone/ Fax: 351 – 0886


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