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Established: December 9, 1988
M.H. del Pilar Street, Maysilo, Malabon City
Tel. No.: (02) 277 – 2548
PARISH PRIEST: Rev. Fr. Lauro G. Frias
Associate Priest: 


IN RESPONSE TO THE REQUEST of the residents of Santolan, Maysilo, and Panghulo on having a parish, the Archbishop of Manila, His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin notified the community that their pledge will be granted. Thus on November 21, 1988, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish was canonically erected, with Rev. Fr. Antonio Nopasa as its first parish priest.

The small chapel at the foot of the Malinta Bridge served as the temporary site of the parish. On September 4, 1989, the parish priest, together with the newly formed parish pastoral council wrote a letter to Cardinal Sin, requesting a portion of the rice fields of the Heart of Mary Villa to be a parish site. His Eminence, along with the consent of the good RGS sisters, formally granted the utilization of the 6, 000 square meter land of the Heart of Mary Villa for the parish.

On June 12, 1992, Rev. Fr. Donardo S. Bermejo was appointed to be the second parish priest of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish. Under Fr. Bermejo leadership, the parish focused on the creation of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC), along with the empowerment of the parish’s formation programs such as the Bible Study, Mariology classes, Christology, and spiritual seminars. These measures converted the community from being passive members into strong willed parishioners, thus opening up other programs to address their needs. Along the way, the parish ventured on other forms of aid, for an instance, medical missions, and the establishment of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Lending Cooperative.
Along the way, Fr. Bermejo transferred the daily Sunday masses to a makeshift chapel, which is the current parish site. The relocation of the church led to the awareness of the community regarding the parochial activities and the construction of the new building. The move also made the number of Sunday masses rise from one to ten, all of which are jam–packed.

Three months after the construction, the parish was blessed by Cardinal Sin on December 17, 1995. Then, on July 20, 1996, two more structures in the parish were blessed –– the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, and the Medical–Dental clinic, this time, by Most Rev. Teodoro Bacani. The Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Knights of Columbus Chamber, Immaculate Heart of Mary Resurrection Ossuary, and the Cardinal Sin’s Hall, among others, are the existing evidences that in the unity of a parish, much can be attained.


Immaculate Heart of Mary

THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY IS A VENERATION TO THE MOTHER OF Jesus Christ, in preference to her joys and sorrows during her earthly life; her love to her God as a pious person; and her maternal affection to Jesus Christ and the whole human race.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is often pictured as a heart pierced by a sword, in reference to the love of Mary for her child, as she experiences the bitterness of that love by seeing her son suffer at the hands of the Jews. This image was prophesized by the old man in Jesus Christ’s presentation to the temple, wherein the old man told Mary that “the Child would be the reason why her heart will be pierced by a sword.”

But other than the joys of her life, and courage in facing trials, Mary’s heart serves as an example of extreme humility; her submission, and obedience to the will of God, and being happy about it tells us the personality of Mary. She is of a strong character and faith. Her song, the Magnificat, which is included in the Gospel of Saint Luke, furthermore expresses her joy in reverence to the Lord with whom all things are possible.

Saint Leo once said that even before physical conception, Mary had already received her son in her soul. Saint Augustine of Hippo, as an aftermath, said that Mary was blessed not because of having bore Jesus Christ physically, but because of bearing Jesus in her heart in every path she took.

A week after the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Rev. Fr. Antonio Nopasa
Rev. Fr. Dandi Bermejo
Rev. Fr. Gaudioso A. Sustento
Rev. Fr. Ronaldo C. Pedroso

Ms. Leoney Acuña



Sunday Masses - 6:00 AM, 7:30 AM (ENGLISH MASS), 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM (ENGLISH MASS); 3:30 PM (CHILDREN’S MASS), 5:00 PM (ENGLISH MASS), 6:30 PM, 8:00 PM (ENGLISH)

Every Sunday at 11: 30 AM


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